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Sinuses: Running, Dripping, Congested

I’m so sorry for those who suffer with sinus problems. I personally have never had to deal with the constant discomfort and irritation from sinuses; though I’ve had colds, flus and other conditions where I have experienced the unpleasantness of a sinus condition. Many people ask me what they can do to stop sniffling, dripping, sneezing or picking.

Not all sinus conditions are the same and therefore should not be handled the same. A dry sinus may need moisture and a leaky sinus may need an astringent, if you have an infection that’s another direction all together. Many health food stores and herbalist have a single solution for sinus issues.

For a brief description and clear breakdown of each sinus condition I want you to read the article “Surviving Sinusitis” written by Herbalist Jim McDonald. He defines each of the sinus conditions; leaky drippy, plugged up stuffy, dry and chronic sinusitis and how to use the herbs best suited for each condition.

Leaky drippy: Goldenrod, Ragweed, Plantain, Stinging Nettle, Butterbur
Plugged up stuffy: Yerba Mansa, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Garlic, Cayenne
Dry: Plantain, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, Comfrey
Chronic Sinusitis: Yerba Mansa, Goldenseal, Garlic

Methods for using herbal sinus remedies include steam inhalation, neti pot and a nasal sprayer.

Nasal Spray Tonic Formula from Ellingwood’s Therapuetist
5-10 drops Yerba Mansa Tincture (start with 5 and if you need to increase you can)
1 dram (60 drops) Glycerin
Enough Distilled water to make 2 fluid ounces of the formula
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and fill a store bought saline nasal spray bottle. Spray as needed.
Make only small batches of this formula and use in a day or two as it can go bad.

Jim McDonald;; “Surviving Sinusitis”