GMO, Herbicides, or Pesticides “It’s whats for dinner”.

The USDA recently approved Monsanto’s roundup ready alfalfa. The attached link tells of the deception these corporations take part in to get their products approved.TruthOut article. The coruption in corporate America is horrifying, but what are their actions doing to us?

American farmers plant millions of acres of alfalfa that makes its way into food for animals we later consume and a variety of human foods. We ingest these Genetically Modified foods everyday and often times don’t know it.

…According to some estimates, Roundup Ready alfalfa could increase herbicide use by up to 23 million pounds per year. Where does the run-off end up…in our oceans…our shrinking water supply? Is anyone paying attention?

Farmers are using cocktails of herbicides like 2,4 D – an ingredient in Agent Orange – that are known to be more toxic than glyphosate to combat weeds. The farmers have been told by Monsanto and other chemical corporations that these chemicals will kill the weeds and not be absorbed into our food. In the past 13 years farmers have used at least 318 million more pounds of herbicides and pesticides as a result of planting GE crop seeds like Roundup Ready corn and soy.

This Natural News Article sheds more light on the threat to human health from a deadly pathogen found in GE soy meal, GE corn distillers meal…this pathogen has been linked to widespread spontanious abortions in cattle. Cattle we later consume.

The USDA approves spraying our food supply with chemicals in Agent Orange (Monsanto) and the FDA outlaws raw milk and cheese, how does this make senses? Both affect our freedom to choose what’s best for us. We must make organic choices at the grocery. Affecting their bottom line – it’s the only way to stop these giant companies.

We pay for them to control our government and they poison and abandon everything but dominance and greed. Corporations are not citizens they are businesses. Corporations should not have the same rights as a citizen, they do, and in many cases they wield more power.

I know I need to stop supporting companies that are dangerous to our health and planet by buying from more responsible companies and supporting politicians who are going to make a change, I hope you join me. Link″ Link

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