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Chelation Therapy and Heart Disease

EDTA Chelation Therapy has been around a long time and is again being brought to the attention of the public. It has been so successful as a vitamin supplement that the doctors are lobbying to have it taken out of health food stores and make it only available through a medical doctor. With a little searching you can still find it over the counter.

Shown as a safe and effective option EDTA can be used to clear the body of arterial plaque, heavy metal and toxins. Chelation therepy has been used to clear out arteriosclerotic blockages, stimulate your immune system and cleanse toxins from the cardiovascular and cellular systems or organs. Heart surgery may not be an option or the best option for some if disease is to advanced, they have no insurance or other reasons. EDTA chelation therapy could improve one’s quality of life.(Elmer Cranton, M.D.,Well Being Journal, January/February, 1998.)1

According to Dr. Mercola there are over 500,000 angioplasties performed every year in the US. Of those additional blockage occurs in 1/3 of these cases within six months. If you or someone you love has heart disease and is looking for alternatives and has time check out how to reverse or correct the problem by using EDTA as the first option. Surgery can always be tried later. But, even with surgery EDTA can be used so there is no blockage in the future.

Cleansing Out The Toxins by Scott E. Miners
An immediate way to speed the chelation process very dramatically is to go to a clinic as an “out-patient” and have a doctor inject ethylene diamine terra acetic acid (EDTA) into your veins. This is also a natural chelating procedure that specifically targets toxic metals, and it works systemically. It has been proven that EDTA chelation therapy is not only effective, even in “emergency” cases of cardiovascular disease, but also much safer and far less expensive than surgery or angioplasty.1 The staff at the American College for Advancement in Medicine will refer you to medical doctors who practice EDTA chelation therapy nationally: 1-949-583-7666.

Preventive or non-emergency measures also exist for chelating the body. There are “oral chelation” formulas, or supplements that can be taken, and these are available at health stores. Also, large amounts (varying for each individual person) of up to 25,000 mg./day of vitamin C, mineral ascorbate form, is a very effective chelator, as are vitamin E (400-800 IU/day), bilberry and ginkgo biloba, as all are antioxidants. Health-related reference literature is abundant with research studies reporting beneficial results of using these vitamin and nutrient chelators as supplements. Consult your health practitioner if you need assistance in determining amounts for you.

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