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Healthier House Cleaning

What a fabulous weekend, the weather was perfect for the 9th Annual Holistic Health and Herbal Festival in Minnesota.  I was honored to be a presenter of two fun, hands on topics, Healthier House Cleaning and Medicine Cabinet Makeover with … Continue reading

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Sunscreen Lotion

Many plants with a constant exposure to sun have evolved to produce pigments, phytochemicals, and nutrients which protect them from sun damage which may also help us. Fatty oils and Essential oils from plants can provide us with a natural SPF. The natural SPF from plants range from 4-50 SPF depending on the plants. Continue reading

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Skin Caring Tea

Blending tea with herbs that are beneficial to the skin is both relaxing and nutritious. Try this soothing blend of 8 herbs you’ll love the taste. Continue reading

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Mix-it-up-Mosquito Spray or Oil

During the summer months I get the questions weekly: what can we use for mosquito repellent and mosquito bites.  Young Living Lavender essential oil and Purification essential oil blend are my favorite bite remedies.  I recycled a small glass roller-ball … Continue reading

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My Visit to 10th Street Farm and Market

When I saw the invitation in the Whole Earth Co-Op newsletter to go visit the family farms from which they buy produce, meat, dairy, and more…I was curious and signed up for the first one 10th St Farm & Market … Continue reading

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