Join Us as we continue our Herbal Lifestyles classes.  Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience living a holistic lifestyle and using herbal self-care.  Our Plant Walks and Classes are held at locations surrounding the Twin Cities.

Registration is requested so we have enough space and supplies for everyone.  

Cleaning for Health

Don’t fool around with your health. Learn how to support a healthy body with a healthy Liver.

Spring in Bloom

Blink and you miss the spring ephemeral herbs.  Learn to identify and use these dainty yet powerful herbs.

Art in Nature

Art in Nature Class – Learn to look deeply at the plants, connect with nature by drawing it.  Join us for a plant walk to identify and learn the uses of June blooming herbs.  Then enjoy nature with a sketch of your favorites.

Relax and Unwind

Relax & Unwind – Unravel your nerves come celebrate St. John’s wort and other nervine plants.  When St. John’s Wort is harvested at just the right time it produces a ruby red herbal tincture or oil. This red oil is a perfect base for many herbal creams.


We’ll take a short hike along the river to discover water-loving medicinal plants, how to use them, and when to harvest.


 Workshop Instructors

Lisa Mosbey is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Herbal Educator, Nutrition Consultant, Naturalist, and Master Gardener.  As a life-long student of herbal remedies and herb gardening, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She has a strong belief in our body’s ability to heal itself.

Guest instructors are herbalists who use and provide herbal remedies in their practice. They include massage therapists, acupuncture, aromatherapists, dentist, doctors, naturopaths, nature lovers, naturalists, hikers, botanists, and more. At our Wellness Workshops, we are dedicated to helping folks experience wellness in their own bodies.

If you are ready to study with our knowledgeable and caring herbalists join us for one or all of our Spring/Summer/Fall workshops.

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